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Tag: beginners

My #1 advice for getting into web development

A friend of mine bribed me with lunch the other day to talk about transitioning into a web development, or…

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Stop using “nerd” to describe people who like computers

I’m tired of the use of the word “nerd” to describe people who like computers. There’s no problem with people…

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JS for everyone: Materials for your next JavaScript workshop

As of today at JSConf EU, I released the materials that we used a few weeks ago at PhillyJSDev for…

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Future of JavaScript — the need to pay it forward

Spoilers: The JavaScript Developers meetup is holding a free* JavaScript fundamentals workshop, sponsored by SEER Interactive, on August 27th. And,…

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Getting started learning (dev)ops

DevOps is quite the field today. You’ve got Vagrant (and recently released Packer), Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, and more buzzing around…

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Top resources for learning Django

Read more > Top resources for learning Django
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