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Quote testing is not your lettuce on background of green lettuce

Testing is not your lettuce


Today I’m giving my Zero to Testing talk (the extended and uncut version!) at MidwestJS, and I incorporated what could be a testing meme. Can we make this a thing? I am not great at memegenerators, so this is the one I made, feel free to make your own with your picture of lettucey lettuce: Backstory […]

Testing is cool (especially in JavaScript)


Last night I continued what looks like it’ll be my traveling show for 2014 – I was preaching the gospel of testing in JavaScript at BrookylnJS, who were kind enough to invite me up to Brooklyn for coworking during the day and speaking in the evening (the first rough, see-if-it-sticks 8 minute run of this topic […]

Testable JavaScript cover

Book review: Testable JavaScript


I recently (finally) finished a technical book I’ve been working through since December, Testable JavaScript. About the book Most of all I enjoyed the writing style of the book. The author had a very casual tone that made it easier to read than other technical books that I’ve attempted to read, and while that’s less […]



Old video, but I love the acronym. TATFT – test all the fucking time. The video  is a funny intro/speech at the dawn of RSpec/Cucumber. If you’re up for some beach reading during your winter break, join me in reading Testable JavaScript, which I’ve been working through the past while, and is my winter break […]

BDD, Cucumber, and test-driven JavaScript


On a project at work, I’m working on fleshing out Cucumber tests in a feature to get things started on the right foot. Here’re a few resources I’ve enjoyed (slash, stashing here for referencing later): Classic Posts You’re Cuking it Wrong and the follow up You’re Cuking it Right Videos!  A bunch from CodeShip (check […]

Test-Driven JavaScript … Today.


I came across a kickstarter recently, “Let’s Code: Test Driven JavaScript.” It looks like a great project from James Shore, but for those who want to play with TDD and JavaScript today, there are quite a few resources out there.   Hold up, what’s TDD? TDD stands for Test-Driven Development. The idea is that instead […]