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Playing with ASTs in Python


Earlier this week, we had company hack day, to take a short break from the hustle of the roadmap (and there’s lots!!) to work on something else, and my team worked on a CLI tool. We used click to build some cool stuff, and one of the features I built wraps a Python lambda handler […]

Angular 2 and Django too


I gave a talk at Djangocon earlier this week on Angular 2 and Django REST – not so much an intro to Angular 2 (you can go through a tutorial for that), but talking about why Angular 2 is something to pay attention to, plus looking at how you might use Angular 2 and a […]


Top resources for learning Django


As you might have gathered from my excitement over CSV imports in Django, I’m recently back in Django land. Like any web technology, any time away from frequent or infrequent use seems to result in a need to dive back into the the learning resources available (plus, I needed resources to recommend to our intern). […]

Less than a week left of Julython!


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Julython, and it’s not too late to join in the fun. What is Julython? It’s a totally silly competition/motivator to work on your Python projects in July. PyStar Philly/PhillyPUG have used it as an excuse to host weekly project nights, teaching people about some common open source tools […]

RedSnakePhilly photo dump and recap


RedSnakePhilly (http://redsnakephilly.org/) was a ton of fun. It was the sort of event where I thought most people weren’t really sure the plan – but that it involved Python and Ruby (I’m personally a fan of both). There were 10 speakers condensed into ~2 1/2 hours (plus sponsor presentations). The organizers kept everything on time, […]

PyStar Philadelphia #3 (hint: great success)


Some photos below from the most recent session of @PyStarPhilly.  We had a great crowd of students, graciously hosted by Devnuts in the Northern Liberties. The reviews from students are great, and we hope to see all of them at the next Philly PUG project night. Special thanks to Devnuts, the Python Software Foundation, organizers Dana […]