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Simple HTTP requests in Node (no packages)


This was surprisingly difficult to find, so I’m writing a wee blog post about it! I was working on a project recently (more on that soon!) and didn’t want to have any dependencies because $REASONS. And I needed to make some AJAX requests. Most of the time in Node, it seems that require(‘request’) or another […]


Your REPL can teach you something


I’m so, so excited because a wee change I advocated for has landed in Node. As in, if you download/upgrade your Node install to the stable version, you will see this change. It all started when I saw a friend (shoutout to Mudit, he writes smart things and is awesome) mention the .help option for […]

Tickets for LibertyJS are live!


Tickets are on sale for our humble JavaScript fest, LibertyJS. Tickets are on sale now, at $10 or $15 depending on if you choose to attend a workshop. What’s LibertyJS? James and I (well, a bit more me) had a dream of having a fantastic summer event, which is a slow time for the meetup […]

On JavaScript Complexity


Limiting complexity is a noble goal in engineering. By limiting complexity, we make our code easier to understand and maintain for future developers on the project. To be honest, you make it easier for yourself to understand in the future as well. Code complexity is something we discuss at Code Retreat (Philadelphia), and recently, a neat […]

Just JavaScript: Prototyping with Node and Express


Last night, I gave a little talk about prototyping and Express at Node.ph’s holiday presentations. A very nice event, and I really enjoyed listening to all the presentations. Here are the resources from mine. . @pamasaur at @nodephilly talking about prototyping with Balasamiq, justinmind proto.io twitter.com/gdiphilly/stat… — GirlDevelopIt Philly (@gdiphilly) December 14, 2012   The […]