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Lua is weird!


I recently merged my first feature on a Lua project, so first, YAY! And now, I want to talk about why Lua is weird! Wait, what’s Lua? Lua is a scripting language that seems to be popular in gaming circles (World of Warcraft and Angry Birds are among users). I’ve also heard it’s popular to […]

Frameworks posts on the Safari Online Blog


I recently had a series of posts published on the Safari Online Blog. If you’d like to check them out, here’re the links! They’re all related to frameworks, drawing from the material I used for Wharton Web. Choosing a JavaScript Framework 13 Criteria for Evaluating Web Frameworks Will it Blend? The Right Team for the […]

Pam goes to art class – part 1


At a minimum, I hope this blog reflects “what I learned this week” kind of things. So this week, I’ll talk about an art class I’m taking, why I’m taking it, and some of my terrible drawings that resulted from said art class. I’m taking Painting Foundations through the Philly Art Center/Queen Village Art Center. […]

Back to school plans


Welcome back from Labor Day, people. I always enjoy the change of seasons as an opportunity to change things up — make new plans, reflect on how other things went. Almost like new years resolutions, except you get to change them every 3 months. Reflections on goodness of Summer 2012 Random Hacks PyGotham Teaching JavaScript […]

I love my students. Empowered learning FTW


Last night, our small class of future WordPress masters finished their course. It was a fun and challenging journey for them, working with WordPress, from installing to child themes. I've got a few things bouncing around my head about the best things in the course. Empowered students. I began the first session by laying out […]