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A review of how to write


One of the requested blog posts on my backlog has been “How do you write a book?” People think I’m a good person to ask this to, as I’ve written two books (one self-published and still in alpha, but not for long, the other with a publisher). Not many books there, maybe they’re mediocre (likely), […]

Spring hacking season highlights and tips


The spring season means lots of things – it’s when people start un-hibernating and coming to events, it’s one of the best times to look for jobs, and of course, it’s the re-emerging of hackathon season. I published a write-up about the recent LadyHacks, and I realized I hadn’t done my spring “welcome to hacking […]

When it’s time to start speaking at conferences


Wherever you are at in your career, you might ask yourself “should I speak at conferences?” If you listen to PyCon’s call for proposals (known as a CFP), you’ll see “You. Your friends. Your friends’ friends.” under “Who Should Submit a Proposal.” If you’re looking for more evidence or a shove to say “it’s time to go […]

Pam, amateur humorist


One of my not-very-okay-kind-of-maybe secret dreams is to be a “humorist.” Following the “if you say you are, then you are” plan of action, I’m officially an amateur humorist according to my Twitter bio. And lo and behold, as of yesterday, I have my first published piece outside of my own snarky blogs, chats, talks, […]