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Approaching error recovery


On my project, I’ve spent the last week assigned to “error recovery” in the application – so far I’ve made dashboards for remote logging, but at first, I struggled with the second part of that statement: recovery. How do I recover from something I haven’t seen? I’d be curious to see what other people’s strategy […]

The big deal about web components


I made my big Twitter announcement yesterday about finishing my book on JavaScript frameworks. After spending months diving into various communities, idiosyncrasies, and development philosophies of frameworks, I’ve learned at least one big thing about the next revolution in JavaScript development: you need to be aware of web components. [As for the book, expect more […]

Making technical decisions (the results)


If you’d like to come to a fun workshop on choosing a web framework this Tuesday in Philadelphia, PA, it’s not too late to grab tickets! http://beacon.wharton.upenn.edu/webconf/ Last week, I asked if you’d share some experiences with making technical decisions. Here are a couple of my favorite responses. The customer has to be right One […]

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How do you make technical decisions?


I’m speaking soon at Wharton Web Conf and as I prepare, I’d love to get more personal experiences on how technical decisions are made, specifically about choosing frameworks. Here’s a little questionnaire below, but if you have more to say, please email me! If the form isn’t playing nicely, here’s the direct link. Loading…

Getting started learning (dev)ops


DevOps is quite the field today. You’ve got Vagrant (and recently released Packer), Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, and more buzzing around … and if you’re a developer who didn’t have to provision their own machines from the get-go, chances are a lot of it looks like jibberish (at least, that’s the case for me). Here’s a […]

Less than a week left of Julython!


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Julython, and it’s not too late to join in the fun. What is Julython? It’s a totally silly competition/motivator to work on your Python projects in July. PyStar Philly/PhillyPUG have used it as an excuse to host weekly project nights, teaching people about some common open source tools […]