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Tag: ghc12

Short URLs, Big Data: Rundown of Hilary Mason at #ghc12

The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers – Hamming, 1961 Mason introduces data science and technology as ways to…

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Working together apart #ghc12 #tech

Judith Olson of UC Irvine developed an online assessment tool to evaluate distributed work relationships. She shared that this was…

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The Tech Entrepreneurship Lab Session Rundown #ghc12 #tel

The Tech Entrepreneurship Lab began full force — a great post lunch re-energizer. We had a full table, and began…

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Large conference survival guide #ghc12

Nearly 3,500 will attend Grace Hopper 2012. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed — it’s handily the largest number of…

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Back to school plans

Welcome back from Labor Day, people. I always enjoy the change of seasons as an opportunity to change things up…

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I’m a community blogger for #ghc12!

Grace Hopper is an amazing experience for technical women. Thousands of women attend the conference, share knowledge and insights, and…

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