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Recurse Center Week 5


I don’t have many notes from this week … really any. I’ve been working a lot on my project, and I’ll mention it now, and should making more noise about it very soon. It’s been on github and open source since I started (so feel free to see how the Swift has evolved), so I’m sure […]

Recurse Center Week 4


Oh ahh week 4. I’m sure the Winter 2 batch is starting to freak out, cause for Spring 1, we’re way too close to half-way for my taste. A couple new outward-facing things I made: Link library for the obnoxious amount of links I’m accumulating A general map function for dictionaries in Swift (small, but […]

Recurse Center Week 3


Monday I decided to start working an ambitious project that I’ve wanted to work on for kind of a while … two years in fact. Now it’s happening. AHH! I got the app structure started, and then paired with Alan to look through the program I’m inspired by to see how it works, and I got an initial version […]

basic tree diagram

Adventures in data structures: Trees


During my time at the Recurse Center I’m working on some of the gaps from not majoring computer science in college (although I did get close to a minor!). When I compare my skills against say, the requirements for admission to a CS grad program, the thing I notice missing is a strong foundation in algorithms […]

Recurse Center Week 2


Monday I met with my Hacker School mentor (we chose from alumni) in the morning for bagelry and got some advice on what to do, in particular to fix some of my frustrations. One frustration in particular is that I want to do more “social coding” – pairing, contributing to other people’s projects, collaboration. After […]

Recurse Center Week 1


This week I started Hacker School [update: now the Recurse Center]! For this week’s blog post, I’ll post about what I did this week. Day 1 Morning was mostly introductions, orientation, and getting started with our first week’s checkin group, which are basically Hacker School standups. I set the topic for our checkin, which is “web […]