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Simple HTTP requests in Node (no packages)


This was surprisingly difficult to find, so I’m writing a wee blog post about it! I was working on a project recently (more on that soon!) and didn’t want to have any dependencies because $REASONS. And I needed to make some AJAX requests. Most of the time in Node, it seems that require(‘request’) or another […]


Your REPL can teach you something


I’m so, so excited because a wee change I advocated for has landed in Node. As in, if you download/upgrade your Node install to the stable version, you will see this change. It all started when I saw a friend (shoutout to Mudit, he writes smart things and is awesome) mention the .help option for […]

Firefox extension (jpm) tutorial


Earlier this week, I wrote my first Firefox extension, a port of the “Millennials to Snake People” Chrome extension, which you might’ve read about in the Huffington Post, or The Verge, or quite a few other outlets. It simply takes the word “millennials” and re-writes it to “snake people.” It also rewrites quite a few […]

Recurse Center Week 1


This week I started Hacker School [update: now the Recurse Center]! For this week’s blog post, I’ll post about what I did this week. Day 1 Morning was mostly introductions, orientation, and getting started with our first week’s checkin group, which are basically Hacker School standups. I set the topic for our checkin, which is “web […]