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Tag: coding for good

Hello spring! (and hacking season!)

Okay, so there were a lot of hacks in winter, but let’s be honest … it’s a little more pleasant…

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Coding as literacy (plus 3D JS holograms!)

In case it hasn’t been on your radar, watch this adorable video (featuring my friend Vanessa!) I love the…

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An OpenGov (Open Government) Primer

The next Knight News Challenge begins in just a few days, with a focus on OpenGov. A lot of people…

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Random Hacks Dec 2012 – who are you going to help?

Random Hacks of Kindness is this weekend — who are you going to hack for? What is Random Hacks? Random…

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Disaster, recovery, and coding for good

As many of us on the east coast are getting up to assess damage, help friends and relatives, and respond…

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