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Hello spring! (and hacking season!)


Okay, so there were a lot of hacks in winter, but let’s be honest … it’s a little more pleasant to travel and meet new people when it’s nice outside (and it’s gotten quite a bit nicer outside in Philly — or at least it’s thinking about it). Luckily, there’re lots of great events coming […]

An OpenGov (Open Government) Primer


The next Knight News Challenge begins in just a few days, with a focus on OpenGov. A lot of people are interested in the area, but it could be daunting if you’re new to the field. What is OpenGov? OpenGov or Open Government describes a movement to make government data, documents, and knowledge available to […]

Disaster, recovery, and coding for good


As many of us on the east coast are getting up to assess damage, help friends and relatives, and respond to worried messages from those in other parts of the country, let’s remind ourselves of some of the great projects in the technology community that get a disproportionate amount of attention at this time — […]