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Author: Pam Selle

My anxiety toolkit

So, we’re living in some interesting times, eh? I recently discovered my new favorite group of settings on my phone,…

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Eulerom poster

Live code stream for the Equinox!

Read more > Live code stream for the Equinox!
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Finished patch on jacket

I made “Pits of Graph Theory” punk rock style patches!

Read more > I made “Pits of Graph Theory” punk rock style patches!
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Oh no! Someone is incorrect on the internet!

Am I still attacking and gatekeeping and insulting others? Should I just have ignored the post and let the misinformation…

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Impressions on working remotely

Someone recently asked me: What’s your impression of working remote in general? To which I responded “That is a blog…

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Chesterton’s Fence and Maintaining a Codebase

One of my colleagues casually referenced Chesterton’s Fence when discussing a potential change, or asking “Why is this here?” —…

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Refactoring legacy code with simple design (video reaction)

I’d bookmarked this video to watch when I got back from break, as it seems some more of my work…

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2019 in review (bullets)

It’s the end of 2019, and here’s my annual bullets.txt review. This year, I’m mostly going to write about burnout…

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Things (in Go) I’ve been learning this week

Earlier this week, I was replicating an issue that involved creating 1000 Terraform workspaces in S3, and I ended up…

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Papers We Love Conf 2019

It’s Monday after flying back from St. Louis yesterday, I had jury duty, and Strange Loop ended Saturday afternoon. Which…

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