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Why tech management will always be ‘the good ones’ from engineering, despite what tech management says (who came from engineering)


I’ve heard tech managers say lately that they think there’s some mysterious fallacy in the industry, that tech management is often strange (or bad) because technical management comes from the technical ranks. That good engineers don’t make good managers. While that’s fine for people to say, here are my thoughts. (Note: I sent a version […]

Making technical decisions (the results)


If you’d like to come to a fun workshop on choosing a web framework this Tuesday in Philadelphia, PA, it’s not too late to grab tickets! http://beacon.wharton.upenn.edu/webconf/ Last week, I asked if you’d share some experiences with making technical decisions. Here are a couple of my favorite responses. The customer has to be right One […]

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How do you make technical decisions?


I’m speaking soon at Wharton Web Conf and as I prepare, I’d love to get more personal experiences on how technical decisions are made, specifically about choosing frameworks. Here’s a little questionnaire below, but if you have more to say, please email me! If the form isn’t playing nicely, here’s the direct link. Loading…