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Recurse Center Week 6


This week I internet-launched my most recent major work, and spent some time wandering and playing with other things. Monday I spent the morning recording a demo and writing the post about MacVimSpeak. I also poked around getting set up to do some work in Scala, only to discover that apparently I have no Scala […]

Recurse Center Week 5


I don’t have many notes from this week … really any. I’ve been working a lot on my project, and I’ll mention it now, and should making more noise about it very soon. It’s been on github and open source since I started (so feel free to see how the Swift has evolved), so I’m sure […]

Recurse Center Week 4


Oh ahh week 4. I’m sure the Winter 2 batch is starting to freak out, cause for Spring 1, we’re way too close to half-way for my taste. A couple new outward-facing things I made: Link library for the obnoxious amount of links I’m accumulating A general map function for dictionaries in Swift (small, but […]

Recurse Center Week 3


Monday I decided to start working an ambitious project that I’ve wanted to work on for kind of a while … two years in fact. Now it’s happening. AHH! I got the app structure started, and then paired with Alan to look through the program I’m inspired by to see how it works, and I got an initial version […]