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Quote testing is not your lettuce on background of green lettuce

Testing is not your lettuce


Today I’m giving my Zero to Testing talk (the extended and uncut version!) at MidwestJS, and I incorporated what could be a testing meme. Can we make this a thing? I am not great at memegenerators, so this is the one I made, feel free to make your own with your picture of lettucey lettuce: Backstory […]

My problem with pairing


This week’s episode of Turing Incomplete is about pairing, and while my poor audio connection is mostly to blame for my quietness on this episode (when it’s out), I also brought up the issue I run into with pairing, but I find difficult to talk about with people who pair 100% of the time and […]

3 reasons you should take Coursera courses, ESPECIALLY if you went to university


I’ve taken my small share of Coursera courses (the latest that I finished was Competitive Strategy, and I’m currently taking Strategic Innovation) and I’m often surprised by the number of people who don’t know about Coursera or could never see themselves using it. Here’re my reasons why I think you should be taking Coursera courses, […]