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Themes from a year of mentorship


Next week is my “graduation” from a work mentorship program, and I thought for this week’s post I’d write about some of the themes from the past (almost) year of mentorship. I had a few thoughts starting the program that have since changed and evolved, and there were a few big topics that stood out […]

Angry things about Apple Watch


The last few weeks I’ve been working with Apple Watch, the as yet unreleased (but announced) Apple thing for people to obsess over. Since November, I’ve taught myself Swift (with Treehouse), worked on iOS apps, and lately I’ve been looking into this new fangled Watch thing. It’s recently been a bit of a headache for me, […]

2014 in review (bullets)


I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, but I do like doing reflections. And this year was a big year. This year, I’ll focus on more quality than bullet quantity (notably, skipping the “then I spoke at this event, and this event, and taught this one…). Boiled down to my five major bullets: Started a […]

On authenticity


I do quite a few Coursera courses (I count more than one a year as “quite a few” … I do know there are plenty of people who do many more!). And once I’ve finished a course, I like to commemorate that here on the blog. I haven’t gotten a grade back yet, but I’m […]