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How much does a website weigh?


In talks discussing performance, speakers will often talk about what the “weight” of a website is. What does that actually mean? And how do you find it? How big is the page load? When we talk about “How much does this website weigh?” we tend to mean “How big is the page load”? This will […]

Where to learn about voice coding


Per a recent(ish) request on Twitter, here are a few resources about learning to code by voice, which also hopefully give you a bit of context when you’re searching around the topic. If you have RSI and are looking to reduce stress on your nerves, check out a previous article I’ve written on the topic. […]

Firefox extension (jpm) tutorial


Earlier this week, I wrote my first Firefox extension, a port of the “Millennials to Snake People” Chrome extension, which you might’ve read about in the Huffington Post, or The Verge, or quite a few other outlets. It simply takes the word “millennials” and re-writes it to “snake people.” It also rewrites quite a few […]