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Clojure Conj highlights


I have a bunch of notes jotted down from Clojure Conj, the conference I went to this week despite having never written a Thing in Clojure (but I did learn Common Lisp this year, so I could read pretty much everything). It’s interesting to go to a conference as a “new” person, and Clojure Conj […]

    Lua is weird!


    I recently merged my first feature on a Lua project, so first, YAY! And now, I want to talk about why Lua is weird! Wait, what’s Lua? Lua is a scripting language that seems to be popular in gaming circles (World of Warcraft and Angry Birds are among users). I’ve also heard it’s popular to […]

      Notes from Strange Loop


      Last week I had the privilege of attending and speaking at Strange Loop last week (here’s the video of my talk!), and I wanted to mention some of the talks I attended as well as highlights from the conference. Talks Here’s what I went to (outside of the keynotes), and their videos: Propositions as Types […]

        Much swag from OHS

        What I learned at OHSummit 2015


        On Saturday I attended the Open Hardware Summit for a few reasons: 1. It was in Philadelphia and the price was very reasonable. 2. I’ve long had an interest in more electronics work. and 3. It was in Philadelphia. Last year’s summit was in Rome, so this was by far my best chance to check […]