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Hacker School Week 2


Monday I met with my Hacker School mentor (we chose from alumni) in the morning for bagelry and got some advice on what to do, in particular to fix some of my frustrations. One frustration in particular is that I want to do more “social coding” – pairing, contributing to other people’s projects, collaboration. After […]

Hacker School Week 1


This week I started Hacker School! For this week’s blog post, I’ll post about what I did this week. Day 1 Morning was mostly introductions, orientation, and getting started with our first week’s checkin group, which are basically Hacker School standups. I set the topic for our checkin, which is “web stuff,” putting me in […]

Lean into simplicity


I was talking with my friend Ken Dale about frameworks, in particular the “when no framework is better than any” question. And then he said this really smart thing (“lean into simplicity”) that I think applies to software design (and everything?) in general. So I made a word graphic of it, for word graphic practice. […]

ForwardJS Logo

Lessons from Forward2 + talk slides


Yesterday, I spoke at Forward2 aka ForwardJS, a JavaScript conference in San Francisco. Most of the attendees were local, again affirming my fondness for speaking at regional confs. The organizers made a fantastic line-up (99% of why I accepted an invite to speak there), and I learned a few things that I’ll share here. This […]