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Recurse Center Week 9


Getting back on track this week is going pretty well, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed that I only have 3 weeks left before my batch disbands! Monday This week R0ml was in residence. He’s quite computer-folk/internet-famous and a fellow Recurser took some notes; these aren’t a narrative, but the book references are interesting. My […]

Recurse Center Week 8


I’m wasn’t very pleased with how last week went. I was a bit sick and a bit tired for half of it, so I’ll chock some up to that. Monday Monday was probably my only “productive” day of the week – I finished Land of Lisp, did some blog writing, and started updating SpaceTime/Constellation Deformation/Delorean. It now […]

Recurse Center Week 7


Belated post for week 7, aka all streams, all the time. I’m giving a talk on streams, and why they are THE most excellent data structure you didn’t know enough about, at NorfolkJS and wanted to do lots of background research to really understand streams (a very Recurse Center project, I understand). I also finished the Land of […]

Recurse Center Week 6


This week I internet-launched my most recent major work, and spent some time wandering and playing with other things. Monday I spent the morning recording a demo and writing the post about MacVimSpeak. I also poked around getting set up to do some work in Scala, only to discover that apparently I have no Scala […]