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Philly Tech Week 2016 Retrospective


I’m sure all the organizers of Philly Tech Week events, and the organizing team of the festival itself, are still recovering. As a community organizer, I have (and have expressed in public) mixed feelings about Philly Tech Week – our vibrant happy tech scene smooshes a pile of events into a 10 day period (dear […]


    Shut up and color


    Something not a lot of people on this Internet know about me is that my partner was in the military (USAF) for many years of our marriage and relationship. If you were in the military, or have family/friends/loved ones who have been, the phrase “shut up and color” might be familiar to you, but if […]

      A review of how to write


      One of the requested blog posts on my backlog has been “How do you write a book?” People think I’m a good person to ask this to, as I’ve written two books (one self-published and still in alpha, but not for long, the other with a publisher). Not many books there, maybe they’re mediocre (likely), […]