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2015 in review (bullets)


I’m later to the punch this year for my “bullets” post (previous years). But here we are, broken down by some sort of logical sections. I love reading people’s year in reviews, so here’s a reminder that it’s not too late – and remember that these reflections are often more for the writer than for the […]


    Your REPL can teach you something


    I’m so, so excited because a wee change I advocated for has landed in Node. As in, if you download/upgrade your Node install to the stable version, you will see this change. It all started when I saw a friend (shoutout to Mudit, he writes smart things and is awesome) mention the .help option for […]

      Clojure Conj highlights


      I have a bunch of notes jotted down from Clojure Conj, the conference I went to this week despite having never written a Thing in Clojure (but I did learn Common Lisp this year, so I could read pretty much everything). It’s interesting to go to a conference as a “new” person, and Clojure Conj […]