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Approaching error recovery


On my project, I’ve spent the last week assigned to “error recovery” in the application – so far I’ve made dashboards for remote logging, but at first, I struggled with the second part of that statement: recovery. How do I recover from something I haven’t seen? I’d be curious to see what other people’s strategy […]

Firefox decodes URIs for users?


On the “I haven’t found the documentation that explains this” front, if an anchor tag has an encoded URI as its href, Firefox (but not Chrome) will apparently interpret that for the user, including passing that into the browser bar. Here’s a super short (no sound) screencast to show what I mean: And interestingly, using […]

Why tech management will always be ‘the good ones’ from engineering, despite what tech management says (who came from engineering)


I’ve heard tech managers say lately that they think there’s some mysterious fallacy in the industry, that tech management is often strange (or bad) because technical management comes from the technical ranks. That good engineers don’t make good managers. While that’s fine for people to say, here are my thoughts. (Note: I sent a version […]

Quote testing is not your lettuce on background of green lettuce

Testing is not your lettuce


Today I’m giving my Zero to Testing talk (the extended and uncut version!) at MidwestJS, and I incorporated what could be a testing meme. Can we make this a thing? I am not great at memegenerators, so this is the one I made, feel free to make your own with your picture of lettucey lettuce: Backstory […]

My problem with pairing


This week’s episode of Turing Incomplete is about pairing, and while my poor audio connection is mostly to blame for my quietness on this episode (when it’s out), I also brought up the issue I run into with pairing, but I find difficult to talk about with people who pair 100% of the time and […]