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2022 Year in Review

I am not even sure what happened this year. A heck of a lot. A heck of a lot in the last three months, even.

Most of the year is wrapped up in What happened next, although recently I am now on the market for a new day job.

I feel like I’ve had three years in one year. This year I:

  • Lived in three different places, moving once in May and again in November
  • Went on a fair number of trips: Miami, Upstate NY, Kentucky (x3), Seattle, Palm Springs, DC
  • Ended a relationship
  • Started contracting to test out working with computers, made me want a day job
  • Interviews/job hunting
  • Accepted a day job
  • Bought a house
  • Got a brow tattoo (my first tattoo!)
  • Rehomed one of my cats. After I started the day job, it wasn’t working out and she needed a home with more attention
  • Now looking for another job

The biggest difference since last month’s post is that this first day job didn’t work out, so I’m actively interviewing for engineering leadership roles. Remote-only, working in software product engineering. If you’d like to chat with me, please reach out (no listings or recruiters please).

September –  December has been wild. I [unintentionally] started a job and went under contract to buy a house the same day. I moved three days after I closed on my house, hiring packers for the first time (weirdly emotional to have other people pack all your stuff). The dance studio had its annual showcase and I performed and made appearances in every number as a stagehand.

A few weeks ago, me and the day job parted ways. Now I’m in some interesting conversations about what’s next with the day job. I still love dancing and teaching, and choreographed two routines appearing in tomorrow’s 2023 Mummers Parade!

For 2023, I have honestly no idea what is going to happen.

I feel like I’ve had so much change and growth this year that I’m a bit “plans? lol” about the whole idea of “next year.” Even so, I’ve got anti-winter in Argentina in a few weeks (where I’ll spend some quality time working on my tango), and I’m booking camping for the spring/summer ASAP.

2023 will turn out how it’s meant to turn out.

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