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BDD, Cucumber, and test-driven JavaScript

On a project at work, I’m working on fleshing out Cucumber tests in a feature to get things started on the right foot. Here’re a few resources I’ve enjoyed (slash, stashing here for referencing later):

Classic Posts

You’re Cuking it Wrong

and the follow up You’re Cuking it Right


A bunch from CodeShip (check out their site for more)

“CukeTV” (older videos on the Cucumber site,

And of course, the Cucumber project has a great wiki of resources.

On testing

I would really love to have a testing expert have an excellent article out there to help me understand the various kinds of testing. There’s a pretty nice StackOverflow answer about unit/integration/acceptance … but there’s still some gray areas. I really like the phrasing of “end-to-end testing,” but is that the same as integration tests?

I enjoyed this article on not confusing the tool with the concept, as pertains to Cucumber and BDD. Cucumber is a tool, common enough now that evidently the sparkle has worn out somewhat (see the dates on those “classic” articles). You can use Cucumber as your means of integration testing (end-to-end? acceptance? ah!), or you can use it with BDD workflow, because well, you can do what you damn well please. Kind of how it works.

So as I’m trying to re-integrate BDD into my workflow, I find this pretty interesting, the discussion of “test first” versus “test ever.” I’m pretty solidly on the latter team — I don’t think it serves anyone very well when a conference speaker says “You must test first, or you’re doing it wrong!” (as I heard someone earlier this year). Test ever is better than test never. </soapbox>.

On test-driven JavaScript

As promised in the title! I went back and checked out the results of a Kickstarter I mentioned here on the blog. Looks like it’s out in the wild, at I’ll probably be checking out a free trial eventually, but I’m not very stoked about the subscription model rather than paying to download a series.

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