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Fluent webcast recording!

You can now go see the recording(registration required) from yesterday’s Fluent Conf webcast. All the talks are great, and mine is from about minutes 60 to 90. Better yet, come join me at Fluent Conf in May and see it live!

Talk description:

Prototyping à la Node with Express

User testing and prototyping are great ways to get early feedback on a potential project or feature. Common rapid prototyping solutions tout their ‘code-free’ nature—but when we already have HTML5 on hand, why go that route? How can we use tools we already know to get up and running quickly? Using Express.js, we can quickly and easily get a prototype on the ‘real’ web and provide a different sort of interaction environment for user testing.

This talk will discuss the how and why of rapid prototyping and user testing, a quick sample of simple testing methods, and how you can use Express.js (with git, Node, and Heroku) to get your prototype up at at ‘em—with skills you already have.

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