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GHC Day 1 Recap

1. I am completely exhausted. It occurs to me I've been awake for > 20 hours. 

2. Portland is cool!
3. GHC is really cool!

So far my advice on GHC:
– Yes, really do write things on the backs of business cards. Seriously. I'm kicking myself that I won't do my email follow-ups per usual tonight, because of excuse #1. But I'm glad I took my notes.
– No, you don't need to carry that much stuff (giant bag carrying people). Unless you're using your laptop constantly, it's heavy.
– Go for the impromptu! I skipped an (optional) session in favor of getting a beer … and ended up talking to some very interesting FOSS people.
– Really DO introduce yourself to everyone at the table, and encourage joiners to do the same. I met lots of people who were interested in the industry I work in (political tech) and had many good conversations.

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