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How Terraform’s simple graph concepts deploy complex infrastructure as code

In October, I spoke “at” All Things Open (virtual for 2020). I worked for weeks on my talk, and … then gave it to a Zoom room of ~40 people where no one asked any questions or chatted 🙁 I’d performed it as a hybrid of live talk + recording of the source code tour in the middle, hoping I could chat with people during the middle if they were curious about anything. No such luck.

But! I have recently learned that the video from that event did come out?

The original idea of the talk was to explain where the graph theory is in Terraform, and explain the pits of graph theory joke. As it evolved, it became kind of a hybrid intro to Terraform and source code tour. So I think if that’s what you’re interested in, you might like this! Enjoy:

The slide designs I used were designed by Olivia Sissini (I commissioned the design).

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