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The Serverless Revolution for Everyone

I just gave my talk on “The Serverless Revolution for JavaScript Developers” at OSCON but one of the first things I did was clarify that while my code samples were in JS, serverless architecture is really a cloud architecture trend that everyone should be aware of, if not adopt somewhere in their architecture.

Here are the slides from the talk:

The video will be out at some point (when those things occur), and I’ll share it on here when it comes out.

The more I delve into serverless architecture, the more I find it fascinating, but serverless is revolutionary for two major reasons (the less-than-one-minute version):

For one thing, FaaS (functions as a service) is a paradigm shift in cloud – we’ve moved from real servers (physical, data centers) to fake servers (virtualization, containers, etc.) to uploading code and allowing a provider to run it in response to events. Something is quite different there. It is, of course, not possible without the previous innovations and strides, but a shift nonetheless.

The other revolutionary area in what serverless computing is the pricing model. Billing based on usage, vs. monthly/quarterly/etc. billing for the existence of a server (real or virtual) is a shift from how the cloud has worked.

With these two factors combined, serverless compute is something you can’t ignore. I’m looking forward to when the video comes out and I can share it with you all!

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