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So you want to learn to code (IRL) — opportunities for women and their friends

This post is inspired by a comment, one I’ve seen a lot. Ever seen this before?

I’m looking for something similar for [Insert Technology] in [Insert Location]. … Do you have a list somewhere? I can’t seem to find anything else.

There’s been lots written about the many places where you can learn to code online. But that assumes a few things — that you’re self-motivated, that you (hopefully) have someone to field your questions when you inevitably get stuck (yes, it happens to everyone!).

What if you want to have that person to help you? What if you want to have some people working with you? And how about some motivation and incentive to work through coursework? You may want to go to a class in the real world (IRL) rather than online. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there now. Of course, there are traditional university courses, but due to various factors, there’s often a lag between the most up-to-date technologies and university courses. With that in mind, these are community organizations/groups that provide classes and workshops.

This list is targeted to programs for women and their friends because I’m involved in those communities. If you do not identify as a woman, ask the organizer about their program’s policies before you register.

Locations and [focus] noted. Dates included for workshops with sessions coming up soon.

Multiple Locations, Multiple Courses

New York City, Philadelphia, Columbus, Cincinnati, Austin, Ottawa, Sydney [Sample: HTML/CSS, Android/Java, WordPress, JavaScript]
Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to see links to each city. 
Unless noted, all classes are assumed to be beginner courses.

Boston, Philadelphia [Sample: HTML/CSS, PHP, Drupal, Git]

Local Groups, Multi-Focus

Chicago Women Developers [Sample: Intro to Ruby, PostgreSQL, many hack nights]

Ladies Learning Code [Sample: Photoshop, Mobile Web, HTML/CSS]

Targeted Workshops (single technology, most offered at regular intervals)

There are multiple locations, but most of the events listed here appear to be in the Bay Area. Organization encourages nationwide events.

Boston Python
Workshops offered through the Boston Python user group. Join the mailing list (on meetup) to find out about upcoming events.

PyStar Philly
Similar to Boston Python’s workshops. Offered through the user group. Next one June 22/23rd.

Washington, DC
DC Python/PyLadies
Similar to the above. Next workshop is Intro to Python (June 1).

Minneapolis, San Francisco
No events listed, PyStar is a parent organization used to run workshops.

Bay Area

Extended Programs (full-time immersion)

3-months, free, coed program, not really for complete beginners

10 weeks, $6k, women-only

Have others? Post them in the comments and I’ll add to the list.

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