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2015 in review (bullets)


I’m later to the punch this year for my “bullets” post (previous years). But here we are, broken down by some sort of logical sections. I love reading people’s year in reviews, so here’s a reminder that it’s not too late – and remember that these reflections are often more for the writer than for the […]

2014 in review (bullets)


I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, but I do like doing reflections. And this year was a big year. This year, I’ll focus on more quality than bullet quantity (notably, skipping the “then I spoke at this event, and this event, and taught this one…). Boiled down to my five major bullets: Started a […]

2013 in review (bullets)


It’s that time of year where I write down my bullets in public. JavaScript! Started organizing PhillyJS Dev, spoke at a few JS conferences (see below) Open Source: Helped architect the LeadHerForward project, various projects at AxisPhilly Speaking: RedSnake, O’Reilly Webcast (1200 registrees), FluentConf, Write/Speak/Code, Wharton Web, Girls Robotics Camp, JSConf EU (my first international conference!), NationJS, SassConf (panel), […]