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Tag: security

Bits of entropy, security, and possibly a new band name

I spent last week in New York and at the Recurse Center‘s alumni week. Among the many topics that I looked into…

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Learning more about security: Web app security tooling

This week at work I went to a “security” training. Web app security specifically. The training covered XSS (cross-site scripting),…

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Cool word: Datensparsamkeit

From Thoughtworks’ radar that came out last week. Besides being an excellently difficult word to say, it has a very…

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Trying out cryptography (and capture the flag)

A friend of mine shared a beginner level “capture the flag” event that I’ve been trying out this week. It’s pretty…

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Hey library! What’s your name! (and, let’s run arbitrary code in devtools!)

So I (minorly) kvetched about how when exploring $ in devtools, jQuery is represented as a fabulous string: I use…

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