You’re invited to the Scary Words in Programming Carnival!

Update: the round-up is up! Please let me know if you have a post to link to 🙂

This month, I’ve been writing posts on “scary words in programming,” and I’d love if you would too, on or before Friday, for Halloween.

What’s a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is an internet-y thing where bloggers corral around a topic, and link to each other. Cool way to find new stuff and have some fun!

What’s the topic?

“Scary words in programming” – write about a word or concept that maybe was difficult for you, or pick something you’re learning about (as I did with my rough cut functors and monads post), and explain it! In real words! That hopefully don’t include the word you’re explaining!

How do I submit my post?

You can ping me on Twitter to let me know it’s up (pretty fast), or send me an email through the contact form (a little less fast). Gimme 1) The title you want linked here and 2) the link itself that you want posted. On Friday, I’ll publish a roundup post that I’ll update throughout the day.

Sounds cool, but if only there were some sweet badge-y goodness for me to use on my programming blog because let’s be honest we rarely post pictures am I right or is that just me?

Great question! I DID make some badges in some standard banner sizes! Please download/give credit/don’t be a hot-linking-to-image jerk.


little badge that I’ve been using

square scary tracks

square scary tracks

Kinda boring, but you get the idea.

Kinda boring, but you get the idea. I found a “scary” font

You can also make your own, and I can tell people about them 🙂

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  1. Erik Isaksen October 31, 2014 at 5:58 am #

    This was a lot of fun Pam. Thanks for doing this!


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