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5 reasons to build your website in WordPress

The first CMS I built on was WordPress, some years ago. Since then, the platform has come a long way. But these 5 reasons are what I know were true both then AND now.

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1. It’s free.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform, which when you’re starting to build a website, for yourself or a friend, is an obvious consideration. Would I want to set up my friend’s new business website with something she would need to have a subscription for? As an already-strapped small business owner? Exactly.

2. It’s everywhere.

When you’re learning something new, it helps to harness “the power of Google.” That is, if I have a problem, I want the answer to be one Google search away. Because so many people use WordPress, answers are very easy to find.

3. It’s easy.

I made a WordPress website for my dad when I was learning to code. What you might not know, is that my dad is a professed technophobe. I think he was running MS-DOS until 1998. So to build a website that he has a chance in hell of understanding, the administration needs to be dead simple. And WordPress was built with users in mind, not web developers.

4. It gives you what you want.

The first thing people want to know: can I customize that? In WordPress, the simple answer is yes. Add functionality with plug-ins or widgets, customize your themes, or get funky with PHP and write your own custom code in any of those categories.

5. It grows with you.

It seems like every release of WordPress adds great new thing, making your life easier, not harder. Updating is simple, so you don’t end up with an “old system” that needs to be rewritten to upgrade. Changing your branding? Change the look of your website without losing any content.

Are you in?


2 Replies to “5 reasons to build your website in WordPress”

  1. I always wonder why people don’t ask that!I like building websites with WordPress. For a blog though, the number one importance is using whatever will get you to write more. For me that’s Posterous, for other’s that’s WP, Blogger, Tumblr, whatever. Posterous is a great product and I’m happy to use it.

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