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I made “Pits of Graph Theory” punk rock style patches!

When a new person recently joined my team, someone else responded to the “Hey $PERSON is now on the Terraform Core team” email with “don’t forget to say hi from the pits of graph theory every so often.” We had a large company off-site about a month away at the time, and I thought it would be cool to do a (secret) project to make something to bring for my team.

I used the method I learned from this YouTube video to make the stencil/patches. My friend Jason Pasch (hire him for things!!) did the design, which involved us looking up lots of band logos and me very very vaguely describing how we might want graph theory to come across (“make nodes and lines”). FWIW, there is a “THE” that’s not present on the patches because of how the stencil is. If I printed these another way, there would be a lil “THE” in the upper left circle.

The materials were paper and masking tape for the stencils (main and border), t-shirts I got for $0.50 each at Circle Thrift in South Philly, sponge brushes I already had, and permanent textile paint I picked up at Artist & Craftsman right by Indy Hall. I cut the stencil out with an exacto knife by hand, which I am mentioning because that was a lot. I looked into cutting the stencil with a laser cutter (thanks person who suggested that!) but couldn’t find time with my laser-cutter-accessing pals before I needed to get the project done.

Okay pictures!!

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