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New project launch: Schoolhouse Watch

As you (might not) know, Philadelphia has 22 public schools slated to close this year, most of which will end up as big buildings in markets that are already dealing with vacant spaces. At my day job, I’ve been working with one of our reporters and our mighty news apps team (okay, me and Casey, with design help from the talented Jeff) to build a project to house information about these schools as they change from schools to … ?

The site is at, and we’ve open sourced our code (Rails!). This is just 1.0, expect some interesting things in the future as the story of these schools unfolds!

This app marks my first big project at AxisPhilly — pretty exciting (although I warn you … wait till you see what I’ve got next!)! We’re telling the story on and offline as well — our reporter is hosting a live forum this week in Germantown (simulcast as well, obvs, will add link when available!) to discuss the future of the Germantown High School building.

So … check it out!

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