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Themes from a year of mentorship


Next week is my “graduation” from a work mentorship program, and I thought for this week’s post I’d write about some of the themes from the past (almost) year of mentorship. I had a few thoughts starting the program that have since changed and evolved, and there were a few big topics that stood out […]

Schoolhouse Watch screenshot

New project launch: Schoolhouse Watch


As you (might not) know, Philadelphia has 22 public schools slated to close this year, most of which will end up as big buildings in markets that are already dealing with vacant spaces. At my day job, I’ve been working with one of our reporters and our mighty news apps team (okay, me and Casey, […]

Embrace the artisan


I bought a pouf (I finally got the cat off it to take a picture cat included for size reference) I love it. And it’s unique. It’s from this studio in Philadelphia that does custom fabrics and had a pop-up store for just two weeks – and I happened to walk in. “So what, Pam? […]