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Philly Tech Week Afterburn (a little late, perhaps, or perhaps just right)

Philly Tech Week is a great series of events, and quite frankly and impressive act of herculean efforts by a small team of people. A few comments on the few events I went to, and a thought for next year.

Dev Day

See last week’s post.

N3rd Street

I literally parked my bike by the N3rd Street BBQ when they were about to start the speeches/program. Excellent! And I spotted a sign on my way home to get ready for the Signature Event:

(NB, I haven’t yet learned to zoom on Instagram on my new phone)

Signature Event

Absolutely fabulous! I literally have no complaints. I liked that the layout forced you to move around a bit, I actually met new people besides running into old friends. Played space invaders, took a silly photo on the green screen, played mini Cira Center Tetris … definitely recommend, and I also liked that it was downtown at the Comcast Center (biased).


I helped organize the first one, and for this one I was almost “just an attendee” (I TA’ed a workshop, I can’t help but get involved). Great event, met new people, and I feel like the event has its role in the community, to encourage women to achieve in their careers and stay abreast of trends.

I do feel the event is more “women in business” rather than “women in technology” (the keynote speakers being from Marie Claire and formerly Startup America, respectively), but I still find it to be a very valuable event and hope they continue to have them as a service to this community.

Next year: Panels/Diversity

Caveat for my note for next year: I didn’t get to attend any panels (I was out sick Monday, womp womp). However I noticed more than a few events on the schedule that were all male.

For panels in particular, I want to remind people of the No All Male Panels pledge. Having diverse representation is EVERYONE’S job, so if you’re invited to a panel that’s not representing the diversity of the field, give up your spot in favor of amplifying the voice of a less represented group.

And on the other hand, I was SO sad to be sick on the day of the day of the diversity mixer. THAT’S a great addition to this year, and I heard Tracy did a fantastic job organizing.

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