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On podcasts

A couple items of podcast news!


Turing-Incomplete is out of podfade*!

* podfade – when a podcast stops publishing episodes, and sort of fades out of existence for either a break or permanently.

A couple changes: For Turing-Incomplete, we’re now going to record by season (season 1 ran for two years and had 92 episodes, for season 2, we’re going for 10-12 episodes over six months) and publish bi-weekly. If you have a guest to recommend (including yourself!) please ping us on Twitter or make a Github issue.

It’s nice to get the gang back together, and with our new more-sustainable recording plan, I’m looking forward to a great season.


I ran into The Changelog at OSCON last month, and recorded an episode with them. Mine is the first to come out in a series of interviews they did at the conference, which is a nice surprise [to be first released].

If you aren’t a regular listener of The Changelog, but it sounds familiar, it may be because TC and TI did crossover episodes a while back. That’s actually where I learned the term podfade 🙂 Listen to the Turing-Incomplete squad on The Changelog, or listen to The Changelog on Turing-Incomplete.

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