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Embrace the artisan


I bought a pouf (I finally got the cat off it to take a picture cat included for size reference)

I love it. And it’s unique. It’s from this studio in Philadelphia that does custom fabrics and had a pop-up store for just two weeks – and I happened to walk in.

“So what, Pam? What the heck does that have to do with the web?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked.

I realized that the situation reminded me of another – of a time that I passed on supporting something unique, locally-made, and well-crafted. I was in Chicago in a designer’s fashion store. I was shown a unique piece, that was, quite frankly, super cool, but also ~$100. So I passed, because I figured I could just find something else to use that money on.

That was silly. I truly liked the work, it was well made, it was art.

And I thought about all the talk we have on the web about people who pass up a great designer/deveoper/agency – “because someone else can do it cheaper” “because I can outsource it to a stranger online” “because someone can do it ‘faster’*.” 

That is silly.

Just like work that went into my pouf, really great things on the internet are crafted by talented individuals who deserve to be compensated

There will always be people who pass on the good stuff – it’s a mistake. Anyone who works with clients has seen it first-hand – the trainwreck that resulted from someone taking the low(er cost) road. The client doesn’t believe you when you warn them – they rarely do. It’s something they have to discover for themselves.

*’faster’ almost always suffers in quality. just a note for non-industry types.

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